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Your new IDE for PHP

A fantastic development environment for web applications in Php. With many features 'Out of the Box' you can develop a professional and individual Internet application.

Did you know? If you are looking for an example of what a Lamba Php-created website looks like, you do not need to search for long. This site was built with Lamba Php.

For all devices

With Lamba Php you can create easliy awesome webapps which supports a responsive design.

Test- and live systems

You only need one click to stage your local changes to your livesystem.

Code generator

Many elements can be easily added to your code by clicking the mouse.


You are able to add or edit your text in two different languages.

Hold it simple, stay productive

Consider the view and the controller in different screens and design the individual elements with CSS or use our codesnippets to implement features like PDF generation and E-Mails.

MVC architecture

Lamba Php uses an MVC architecture. Through the use of the templating language Smarty it is possible to separate the logic from the view. Each controller also has an Ajax area to process asynchronous calls.

Object Relational Mapping

The data structure of the database is created by RedBeans Php at runtime and adapts to the current request in real-time. By using prepared statements, hacker attacks are prevented (like SQL injection).

Background Logo Lamba Php
Background Logo Lamba Php


Lamba Php provides a variety of ways to generate code, especially CRUD operations.

Freedom dispite "Out of the box"

The code generator helps you to create more and more frequently occurring tasks. This saves you time and provides uniform, easy-to-read code. The code is easy to edit and can be customized individually at any time.

Validation of input fields

In many places, input fields are validated on the client side in real-time. The user is informed about possible errors before submitting the forms.


Create language tags. These are displayed depending on the language selected. You can create language tags both in the view (template) and in the controller.


A language text is always represented by a GUID. A search is available to display the language tag.

Background Logo Lamba Php
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Background Logo Lamba Php
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Menu structure

You can determine which pages are displayed in which menu. Three areas are available for this purpose.

  • General Menu - Open to any visitor
  • Member menu - Only registered members have access
  • Admin Menu - Only registered users with admin rights have access

Add pages

Lamba Php generates a page within a few mouse clicks. Language tags, menu items and the connection between controller and view are done automatically in the background.


Lamba Php is free and is currently in the Early Access. You can now play a significant role in making the development of Web apps faster and more comfortable than ever before. We have set ourselves a number of goals, in the course of which we often provide desired functional units.

Early Access

Early access to the development environment is granted. The IDE is in an early stage of development and is not yet finished, but is still available.

Donation goal reached

Versioning with SVN

Particularly important for development teams, is the versioning of software and the resulting easier work in the group.

At 5,000 € donation sum

External Quality Assurance

Quality assurance will be provided by external users in a professional environment. Quality assurance is accompanied by experienced companies.

At 15,000 € donation sum

Being a partner

Close cooperation between service providers and product manufacturers is a gain for both parties. We will be designing a partner program to actively support leading partners of our platform.

At 20,000 € donation sum


A comprehensive usability and user experience analysis is carried out. Many improvements can be made with the result: Shortcuts, context menus, as well as improvements to the editor are possible approaches.

At 50,000€ donation sum

Practical, useful, simple

A large range of functions is particularly important in development environments such as Lamba Php. We focus on practical benefits that you can directly benefit from and enable fast and effective work.

Out of the box!

After you have created a new project, an already fully configured portal is available. A user registration plus login function, as well as the possibility to choose between German and English are fully implemented.

Live and testsystem

The two systems Live and Test have their own database, as well as their own space. This allows you to work on the test system and transfer changes when they work as desired. Practical functions are available for this purpose.


Many relevant technologies are already configured and integrated. So you can take advantage of JQuery, Smarty, Bootstrap and much more. Tables, galleries, and animated containers can be easily created.


Code snippets are already preconfigured to generate PDFs or send mails. You can create your own snippets and always have access to recurring code.

Code generation

Lamba Php provides you with functions that make it easier to work on recurring tasks. An input / edit form, for example, can be generated quickly and easily via an input mask.


Because Lamba Php is based on an MVC architecture, the views can be swapped easily. This allows different templates to be used. You can also embed and customize finished templates.


A simple function call allows you to log errors to a file on the server and to call them via Lamba Php at any time. Logging is not limited to errors, but can process any type of text.

GUIDs & Prepared Statements

In addition to the IDs of the records, GUIDs were created as security metrics. As a result, records can not be "guessed". In addition, Lamba Php uses Prepared Statements to prevent SQL injection.

Icon Fonts

With Lamba Php the fonticons of Font-Awesome are available. This allows you to color, scale and edit icons, such as fonts, using CSS, without experiencing any quality loss.

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